The Tanner Mandibular Appliance

The Mandibular appliance is an acrylic removable appliance which is worn over the mandibular teeth.

This appliance has a number of clinical applications:

  • TMJ Dysfunction Cases -- The appliance may be utilized in order to give symptomatic relief, to confirm that the symptoms are of occlusal origin, to alleviate muscle spasm and pain, to disrupt the engrams (muscle programming ) which prevent the patient from arcing in centric relation arc of closure.
  • Prior to Comprehensive Restorative Procedures --
  • Prior to Equilibrating the Natural Dentition
  • Postorthodontic Equilibration

The appliance may be worn at night while sleeping or during periods of tension and/or stress, whenever the patient feels the need for relief of discomfort.

(more expensive cost option)


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