This unique acrylic forms the basis of an innovative denture system, so versatile it allows the dental professional to apply more than a dozen new ways to improve retention and comfort for the patient.

Ling Flange Partial Side

BITEM Advantages

  • Thermoelastic properties allow indefinite adjustability.
  • BITEM will chemically bond to all acrylics.
  • Adjustability can be delegated to the patient.
  • No special equipment necessary.
  • BITEM is capable of performing over 60 different applications.
  • Exclusive patented technology, not available anywhere else.
  • Control over an infinite amount of rigidities allows new designs.
  • Self-cure will set in ambient air or can be pressure-cooked. Heat cure can be boiled, dry cooked, or microwaved
  • BITEM has a memory.
  • Saves chair/bench time.
  • The system will increase the level of service and comfort.

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