With the emergence of bigger, stronger and faster athletes, protective gear is of a greater importance than ever before. Head and facial injuries are on the rise and proper mouth protection imperative for the modern athlete.

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Dental Resources industry leading, mouthguard technology enables athletes to maintain maximum performance and protection. Our Pro-Form mouthguards, custom fitted, provide the best comfort and protection for athletes worldwide. The unique design gives athletes a professional edge with less air restriction for excellent oxygen intake. Oxygen intake is increased with the streamlined airflow that is built into our mouthguard design. Most mouthguards are thick and clumsy from a loose fit. Pro-Form mouthguards are fitted by your local dentists and this provides the best comfort and impact dispersion. In sports, communication is crucial for the game and, Pro-Form with its tight fit, enables clear commands in the field. You want to be the best, then get the best... Dental Resources Pro-Form mouthguards.


ProForm mouthguard Advantages:

  • Oxygen- for maximum performance and endurance.
  • Speech- for clear communication on the field.
  • Comfort- natural and secure fit
  • Protection- maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage.
  • Professional Fit- made for a perfect fit to any size mouth
  • Cool styles & colors!- with optional break-off strap.



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