Clear Acrylic

DP Ortho-F
DP-Ortho is a cross-linked auto-curing acrylic polymer. It does not contain cadmium. It is available in 2 grades: Fine (F) and Coarse (C) beads. The monomer comes in Clear, Crystal (transparent with a bluish tint), Red & Pink. DP-Ortho can be processed in 3 ways: Salt & Pepper technique, Pourable or Heat Cure Methods.
(least expensive option)


Flexite M.P. Flexite M.P.
Semi-Flexible Multi-Polymer Acrylic for fulls, TMJ's, bruxism, anti-snoring devices, selected partials and silicone rubber combinations. Can be added to and relined with acrylic and silicone. Available in light or dark pink, crystal clear and ethnic.
(mid-range cost option)


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