Flexite SupremeFlexite Supreme
Cast Thermoplastic Co-Polyamide (nylon alloy) A unique cast thermoplastic with exceptional toughness and flexibility. Comparable to precious wires. Available in natural clear, light or dark pink and ethnic.

Flexite Plus Flexite Plus
Unbreakable, Tough, Super Flexible Polyamide (nylon) for selected partials. Available in light or dark pink and ethnic. Can be added to , with our Rapid Set, when bonding agent #221 is applied in non flexing areas. 

Flexite M.P. Flexite M.P.
Semi-Flexible Multi-Polymer Acrylic for fulls, TMJ's, bruxism, anti-snoring devices, selected partials and silicone rubber combinations. Can be added to and relined with acrylic and silicone. Available in light or dark pink, crystal clear and ethnic.

Flexite Northerm Northern
For Patients allergic to Acrylic. Acrylic Free non allergic denture base for fulls and metal combinations. Available in natural pink and ethnic. Acrylic can be added to base for non allergic patients.

Flexite Advantages

  • No Monomer
  • Bio-Compatible
  • Biologically Inert
  • Superior Esthetics
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Superior Reproductions
  • Superior Patient Comfort
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Color Fast
  • F.D.A. Approved Plastics
  • Reduced Adjustments
  • Lowest Moisture Absorption

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