Laser Welding

LaserStar LYNX

High-performance laser welding unit with the new Vision-Stereo-Dynasope
for fatigue-free work.

  • LaserStar LynxLYNX® Stereo-Dynascope is a microscope without eyepieces offering excellent resolution and high image contrast
  • Fatigue-free work thanks to optimal freedom of head and body movement and thus enhanced work performance and fewer errors
  • Extremely enlarged beam path in comparison to normal stereomicroscope, resulting in great radial and axial degree of freedom of the head position
  • Wearing glasses or contact lenses does not hamper work at all
  • Adjustable manipulation openings for individual adaptation to seat height and preferred working position
  • Practical side table
  • Every requirement is met thanks to a variable spot size of 0.3 - 2.0mm
  • Individually adjustable continuous pulse with memory circuit
  • Air blow-off-nozzle integrated into welding chamber to cool the well

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