Ortho Implant

The Ortho Implant is used for implant-based intraoral anchoring in orthodontic treatment.
A transpalatal arch (TPA) fixed to the implant ensures maximum anchorage for orthodontic corrections, even in patients with a full dentition.

This allows patients to dispense with the usual, unsightly headgear, thus improving both cosmetic appearance and patient compliance. The Ortho Implant is a titanium screw implant measuring 3.3 mm in diameter and available in 4 and 6 mm lengths.

Benefits of the Ortho Implant

  • Transmucosal healing (no need for second operation)
  • Titanium grade 4
  • Smooth transmucosal neck section
  • Low trauma implantation
  • Maximal anchorage
  • Three-dimensional fixation
  • Minimal strain on the patient
  • Time-saving
  • Clinically proven and documented since 1994
  • One-part implant with self-tapping thread
  • Sand-blasted and acid-etched surface (SLA)
  • Precise, standardized instrument set for preparing the implant bed in order to achieve primary stability
  • Small dimensions
  • Reliable, continuous, maximal anchorage during orthodontic tooth movement
  • Aesthetics during treatment
  • High compliance/no extraoral anchorage necessary

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